• Over the past 20 years practicing the Greek law and representing clients in the Greek court, I have often found myself reiterating the same legal advice and tapping into the same fields of legal expertise to prevent my clients from losing their life savings.

    As my legal expertise is often sought after the event and rarely before, I have found that In order to save costs and through trusting a local friend in the local coffee place or through trusting a domestic lawyer unfamiliar with the Greek legal system, they have all too often repeated the same or very similar mistakes.

    Huge quantities of time and expense, confusion and chaos lost within a Minoan labyrinth of legal technical terms has turned their Cretan dream into a Cretan nightmare.

    The purpose of this legal space is to allow me to offer general legal advice and legal updates to those coming over to Crete for their retirement as well as for those, who have or are intending to set up their own business on this idyllic Mediterranean island.

    I entered the law to help people who feel trapped through misunderstanding legal impediments and legal structure from losing hope. The Greek law is and should be treated with respect and understanding and by doing so, we will find it facilitates and brings sunlight into your Cretan dream!